As we come to the end of winter, we look into what spring has for us. My father loved to read the McDonald almanac to plan the planting of his crops. Those days he was in Savan with the crew who fished by casting seine. There my father (Uncle Donnie) with some of the other fishermen would plant the traditional crops. Among them were peas, corn, melon, pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

So this spring I am reminded of the hard work my father put in to raise us to be the men and women we are today. Not forgetting the struggles of our mother to make ends meet and have us look the best with less. Today I am seeing the results in my home and that of my sibblings. We are reaping form the hard work our parents laid on our behalf.

Madeline, Yvette, Edward, Sylvester and myself are very proud, alive and well singing the praised. As I write this note our parents are looking down in Queens at the grand children and the great grands and hoping that they can be a part of their lives. In Toronto I think they can say the same, while in St. Vincent the beautiful trio long to see who made it possible for them to be here.

Lear, Kenroy, Moses, Valancia, Ronald Deroy and the others with either their parents who left them but are proud to be members of the flag ship. I want to encourage us to stay as swee and loving as you are and the way you were raised not to be stingy but in every thing give God thanks and praise.

I will forever hold each of you close to my heart and always love you. Good night.







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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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