Are You Compatible With your Partner?

All of us emerge from childhood with an inborn temperament and dominating personality traits. Believe it or not, most personality characteristics are encoded in your DNA. It is these inborn tendencies that largely determine the ways in which you adapt to your childhood environment, family members, education, and conflicts – and not the other way … Continue reading Are You Compatible With your Partner?

How To Stop Being So Selfish in Your Relationship

Are you selfish? Do you get upset when things don't go your way in your relationship? Do you expect your partner to hang on your every word and do whatever it takes to make you happy - even if it means forgoing his or her happiness? If you do, then you are selfish.   You … Continue reading How To Stop Being So Selfish in Your Relationship


What is Life?   Life is the capacity to minimize anxiety To rebuild the shattered dreams of society Life is the ability to engage In respectful and considerate argument. Try to understand   Life is the knowledge That spiritual mutation Will surely be the next step For all of mankind. Try to feel   Life … Continue reading WHAT IS LIFE?


*MEDICAL FITNESS* *PREVENTION IS* *BETTER THAN CURE* _MEDICAL FITNESS_ *BLOOD PRESSURE* ---------- 120/80 -- Normal 130/85 --Normal (Control) 140/90 -- High 150/95 -- V.High ---------------------------- *PULSE* -------- 72 per minute (standard) 60 --- 80 p.m. (Normal) 40 -- 180 p.m.(abnormal) ---------------------------- *TEMPERATURE* ----------------- 98.4 F (Normal) 99.0 F Above (Fever) *BLOOD GROUP COMPATIBILITY* What’s Your … Continue reading MEDICAL FITNESS