Hello St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Gregg family. This is your week of Independence celebrations. As you celebrate 38 years it is time to look back and see your achievements and what you have missed over the years.

Image result for basket of no vat foodI hope that the civil servants will get a bonus for all the hard work they have put in to keep the economy growing at 0.5% and that the elderly will see VAT removed from a few more basic items in their shopping baskets. Will the “free barrels” continue or will there be a rise in the customs clearance fees? A dollar more will not hurt but I will rather it stays at the $25.00.

I want to hear about the road repairs on the Island of Bequia and the relighting of the JF Mitchell Airport to Image result for jf mitchell airportaccommodate night landing. With the rise of hotel rooms and guest houses on the Island, the visitors need to get to their destination in quick time like Union Island and Canouan. That is not much to ask, but will it be included in the speech on Friday?

Mr. Prime Minister it is not the first time Bequia has been neglected. Every previous administration is guilty and we thank you for the new Anglican Primary school and the refurbished and expanded hospital in Bequia. That’s the accomplishment in 17 years. Thank you and where do we go from here. With the rise of the sea level due to global warming, we have lost a complete beach during the passing of hurricane Irma. The people of Bequia know global warming is real but we do not want to be an example of the Caribbean. Are there any plans for the restoration of the beach. My suggestion is to fix it or the bigger problem will the erosion of the JF Mitchell Airport and that will e a disaster. This is a reality and whatever is to be done must be swift or we can lose all that land in Adams air marked for tourism development. Mr. Friday the people will like to know what consideration/representation if any are you offering to the Government in regards to this urgent problem. Waiting to become the next Prime Minister to resolve the problem is not an option on the table. Start dialogue now and help to save the future of the residents. I thank you and I will be reading the Independence messages to see what consideration if and are expressed therein.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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