Where are we heading and what will be our placement in the Caribbean by year’s end. As we approach another Budget day in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with a new Finance Minister under the radar of allegations, let’s wait with bated breath for the package and how it will create more employment for the next 10 years.

The IMF has published a report showing a rise in unemployment from 2001 and I wonder why that particular year was chosen? However, something isn’t adding up to the government. The activities proclaimed and the actual “trickle and treat” have great differences. While it is a fact that Government cannot employ everyone, there are incentives they can put in place to stimulate the private sector to tap into the unemployment rate.

It must be understood that the closure of the Buccament Bay Resort added to the unemployment rate and hopefully with the promised re-opening it can put a dent in those numbers. The promised projects at Mt. Wynne and Peter’s Hope has been waiting too long to come on stream. The Government may have made a blunder with those projects and today don’t care a damn what happens.

Recently the Government was more involved in re-building the BVI while basic potholes are turning into swimming pools. My question is what interest the Government has in the BVI? As far as I know, it is still under the British Government rule. So why there is no interest being generated to fix a section of road in Bequia where the tourist industry is on the rise. What is the message we are sending to investors in the Grenadines?

Here is a suggestion for the people of Bequia to the Government. In Paget Farm near to J. F Mitchell Airport use a part of the land to build two or three small factories or (processing plants) that could employ up to 1000 residents of the islands. The stakes in the tourism sector will welcome such a move. I will say more on that in another article. In the meantime, we are waiting to hear what Minister Camillo has in the Budget for Bequia.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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