Good morning family and to God be all honour and glory for waking us up to see another day. As we begin this day with the uncertainty of the weather and a Government shutdown, because of the dysfunctional Congress life for many in America are on hold.

Imagine one party controls the White House (built by slaves), the Upper House and the Senate and they cannot hammer out a budget to keep the Government funded. Thank God it is not so in the Caribbean. All you need id one extra vote to pass anything.

The Caribbean may be watching, but this is not the first time there was a shutdown in America. The last one was in 2013 and lasted for 16 days. The cost at the end was in the billions of dollars.

It is my understanding that St. Vincent and the Grenadines awaits a budget within a month and all eyes and ears will be on the new Finance Minister son of the Prime Minister. While there are allegations leveled against the minister yet to be proven. That shall pass and the country moves on to deal with the rising unemployment in the country.

Everyone has to get up off their butts and find something to do rather than waiting for barrels from the diaspora. I believe there is work but many people are just too damn lazy at these times waiting for handouts. It is time to find something to do and stop the dependence. The diaspora is getting even harder and survival will be the new word.

Sir Godfrey Gregg


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