Sir Godfrey Gregg

It is with deep regret that a resident of Calliaqua lost her house and belongings to a fire. I watched the horrific flames and some men trying to put out the flames with buckets of water until they failed. It is a sad situation after making that investment and paying taxes with home improvements without any protection.

I have been advocating that the Government erect fire hydrants in these built-upas and that homeowners are mandated to have fire extinguishers in their homes. and new homes and commercial properties mandated to install a sprinkler system. The insurance companies should make sure that these systems are in place or up the premium.

The Calliaqua area is home to many restaurants, guest houses and hotels and at least a fire truck should be stationed there along with water pumps vehicle. Those vehicles with the pumps can be a life-saving asset depends on the location of the fire.

I am calling on the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to consult with the districts and find the needs for the areas. In Calliaqua/East St. George there is the Community College and the Mental Health facility, a Police station the historic Anglican Church and many other places of great importance. What if there is a fire in one of these important buildings. Will we watch it burn to the ground and then start over? Simple ideas can save many lives and state assets.

It is time to act and do it now before we live to regret. We know the loss of the Sprott Brothers fire and the eyesore in the heart of Kingstown including the gutting of the Police headquarters Office and Immigration department. I think we have forgotten what fire can do.

I will be back with a follow-up and more ideas.

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