Light of others can only show you the limited path, but your own light will guide you everywhere. Be your own Light, don’t depend on others.

Meditation is absorbance into the silence within.

The thirst of seeking knowledge outside will end with the bliss of silence within.

Love is the solution to life, but people make it a complicated problem for themselves.

Who has know inner bliss in love, won’t fall for complications created by mind and world.

You only desire something until you don’t possess it, it becomes worthless after possession. Only the one who has possessed something has known it as nothing.

Desire make one run a long path toward possession of something with the deceived belief of happiness, joy and pleasure. But end from worthlessness to nothingness.

Suffering is caused due to non Acceptance of change, adapt and Accept rather than holding it or clinging to its desire of self-manifestation.

To experience blissfulness of life, Live in the present moment of being, and just be, and be lost in it, let your wholeness drown in it.

Let the Ego fall, and Self will Rise.

Being in nothingness as nothingness, at any moment of being, is being in the meditation itself.

Presence of Love brings the manifestation of the existence of God with it. Be Love, and experience the divine existence of God in everything.

Whatever you may win, buy, own, achieve, gather, everything is worthless because they will be lost soon to the world.
Nothing can be achieved in the world except the achievement of Self realization of oneself of being divine Consciousness.

Whatever you possess inside, you will act it outside. You can only give what you possess, not what you don’t.

Surrender your soul and let the flower of love Bloom inside.

Inner Blissfulness is achieved in the solitude of self-being.

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