Sir Godfrey Gregg

See the source imageAll our opinions are false and don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. We live, we die. We as individuals don’t matter in this world, we will be a memory if anyone does remember us.

We will be lucky. But soon, our memory will die with them and maybe someone will utter our name in passing in this age of technology, as a footnote to something that grabbed more of their attention.

Ultimately in this world our lives do not matter. So why do we feel we are in a one man play? Why do we want to accomplish so much just to be bellowed as heroes or heroines, to be adored or thought highly of by other people who do not even have favorable opinions of themselves?

You see the truth is that the trace we leave In this world do not matter in this world, the track we leave in this world is what matters in the afterlife and it will be mirror in the memory of your future. Everything we do today is either for our own comforts or to avoid discomfort we are living in a perpetual state of pleasing ourselves, self gratification and being busy bodies for the momentary exhalation of relief that will almost always follow up with a crisis.

No one will have a continuous state of bliss as the pendulum swings up it will eventually come down before it See the source imagecomes back up again, yet we act surprised and devastated.

This life is a perpetual test to try to develop and polish your outlook and inner life so you may be the lucky ones to develop the acuteness to see this world for what it is, and not lose that vision. An illusion of forms presenting the beauty and ugliness of our souls to us on a platter and tempting us to forget we are mortal. You don’t finish school when you graduate with that degree. You finish school when you die.

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