Perceiving good or bad is an insight beyond the perception understanding different level of perspectives to different outcomes. Awake and see through the illusion of mind and senses, ‘beings’ playing world as a game.

Politics played with people is the best example if you can see through it.

It’s not only about acceptance, but acceptance may also be a good step toward satisfying your Self. But the art of perception must be born for evolving our Consciousness. Grow the perspective inside to know the world outside. Don’t be controlled by illusion and limited by acceptance.

Feelings and emotions sure can make your perspective grow, to understand yourself and people. But only to a level, sometimes one has to see beyond feelings and emotions, or it will end in a different direction.

Acceptance is needed for gratefulness, no doubt but sometimes one needs to see beyond it. Don’t get confused or ungrateful, Just Be. Watching perception and accepting is a whole different level, it may get a little difficult for a new start but surely will take you one step above. Accept but don’t fail to see through the perception.

Know things from their roots and perish them into bliss

Let nothing inside, nothing outside. Just be, with what, what is.

Answer from silence will be necessary to what needs to be.

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