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Show me a person who doesn’t like to be encouraged, 4 and I’ll show you a person who doesn’t like anything. All the people in your life-from wives, kids, in-laws, to coworkers-have this in common: They need encouragement.

Here’s a secret to success in life:

Put other people ahead of yourself.

Make other people feel valued.

Offer your chair to a newcomer and be liberal with pats on the back.

Say they’ll join your team. Together, you’ll accomplish more than you ever could alone.

How do you become an encourager? It’s simple.

Think of other people first. Someone You know needs a pat on the back rather than a kick in the seat of the pants. Someone needs recognition far more than you-perhaps someone who has always been told they are inferior. You can be a change agent.

Learn to put yourself in second place, and other people will think you’re number one.

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