Now the dust is settling and the transition process begins. Washington DC here I come to my home built by slaves. How much lower can anyone stoop?

This is America where everything goes right and wrong from the same podium at the same time. Good for them and what next for us in the coming term of the GOP President reign?

We have learnt a great lesson here last election and the ry is for reform. This is something St. Vincent and the Grenadines should be calling for while ralling the status quo for constitutional reforms.

  1. Changing term limits
  2.  Fixing a date in the fifth year of reign
  3.  Senators should be elected and not hand picked
  4.  Independent Electoral arm of the People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  5.  Decentralise the Government with Local government
  6.  Set up an independent watchdog committee (Please take politics out)

Let us look and learn and implement ideas that will make our country great again. You will recall the Grenadines declaration in the early 1980’s. It didn’t get far but it is still fresh in the minds of people and can be deemen Grenadinesexit.

People need to be treated fairly and with due respect. Regardless to their political affiliation. We are all Vincentians and I rest my case for now.

Long live The Gregg784

Godfrey Gregg

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