Season’s greetings…I just thought I’d share another “Did you know segment.”

The village Greggs is St Vincent belongs to us. Why I say that? Read on and see.

Back in the 18-19th century when the whites came to our shores and wanted to control, there was one brave woman who stood up to them by the name of Fanny Gregg.

She approached them with a child wedded to her him and spoke to them but because of the language barrier she was misunderstood but her actions were clear. She was demanding they leave her land alone. So the two sides agreed and ask Me. Fanny Gregg to mark out the area she wanted and she marked out that area we call “Greggs” today.

Now my question is were all those people living there were Greggs? Or did they belonged to the clan/tribe? How did the Greggs end up in Bequia? Are the “Greiggs” one family? So many questions for 2017…stay tuned!!!



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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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