Sir Godfrey Gregg Just about the time when we finish our formal education, most of us have figured out that our deepest learning has occurred through the process of being educated rather than the content that’s been offered. The gauntlet of homework and exams, the pressure of peer relationships (bullying) that succeed or sometimes fail, the negotiation … Continue reading POSITIVITY LESSONS


The news last night that an employee of the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) has been charged with theft of money belonging to the Crown, comes even as the Auditor General’s Report for 2016 indicates that the revenue collection agency is unable to account for millions of dollars. The Report, which examined BRA activities for the … Continue reading MILLIONS MISSING FROM BARBADOS REVENUE AUTHORITY 


Where was Uncle "CP" Bay? Where was Walter Bay? So Savan is an Island surrounded by lots of water, plenty water. It will take you a long time to get there because it is in an Ocean....BIGLY Which bay in Southside was called Savan Bay? Can you remember what you called a copper shed? What … Continue reading CAN YOU REMEMBER?


Good morning the Gregg, Bynoe, Abbott, Stowe, Ollivierre, Dasantos, Families of Bequia. Not forgetting the Tannis, Dewars, Snagg, Kydd in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, United Kingdom, USA and wherever a family member is located. First, we have to thank God for health and strength and for the breath of … Continue reading OUTTA SOUTHSIDE


The Most Heart Touching Stories Ever's photo. The Most Heart Touching Stories Ever is with Kevince Odiero . Re-Post from August 26, 2013 ·  TRUE STORY | MUST READ | One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was … Continue reading TEARS OF JOY


Good morning family, We are very thankful for life and the comfort of living in the place we call home. God has been so good to us that He has kept us from all harms and danger so we remain healthy. We should feel safe knowing that God is riding the storms with us. No … Continue reading ANOTHER WEEKEND


THE FORGOTTEN RACIAL MASSACRE IN AMERICA’S HEARTLAND Democracy or hypocrisy? In this series, “American Hypo-cracy,” OZY looks at America’s lengthy struggle to live up to its lofty ideals by exploring some of the uglier episodes in its past that are often overlooked by the history books. Read more. It’s a harrowing eyewitness account of the bloodiest … Continue reading HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THE PAST


I read a disturbing article where one man in the USA claiming that Caribbean houses are built from cardboard which is further from the truth.   I will like to point out that after Hurricane Hugo the OECS (I hope that man knows what OECS means), has taken measures to rewrite their building codes. The … Continue reading CARIBBEAN HOUSING STOCK

Navigating the Power Struggle Stage of Your Relationship

Sir Godfrey Gregg  Let’s face it at some time or another almost every healthy relationship suffers a breakdown where one or both parties are ready to walk out the door. This is the natural ebb and flow. As much as you want your intimate relationship to work out sometimes it just does not seem possible. … Continue reading Navigating the Power Struggle Stage of Your Relationship