Gregg Family,

Good morning and I want to wish everyone all the best for the week. Work hard and achieve to make the best for you and your family. Remember nothing comes easy and only hard work will bring you success.

To the little ones that cannot read this message I hope the adults will tell them about the struggles that make you successful. Your accomplishments will not be realized until the last nail in driven in your casket.

At that timeyou cannot hear the nice things said about you in the public and tthe many flowers that will adorn your grave. Only if could happen while you are alive. I want to encourage you today to cherish what you have and tell them how much you love and care. If you do that now, I can assure you that you will be at peace with yourself and your God.

Children tell your parents you love them not just for what they can give you. Be thankful for every day you see them alive. I love my daughter and you should see the smiles on my grand daughter’s face when I get to face chat and the expression of love from my grandson. Yes, he ask to call “grandpa” because he wants to talk to me. That makes me happy and just want to hold them close every minute.

I see my brother (Sylvester) and his grandkids together and the amount of love the generate. At that 4:00 pm hour they listen and look for his entrance into that house and like the world STOP for that time with grandfather and grand kids. Only difference with him and me , he gets to meet his grandkids and hug and play with them, while I rely on technology.

So cherish your time and live every day like it is the last. Leave a message to the world that it is love that keeps the family together.


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