Good mornng folks and off to work we go on this chilly morning here in New York. The forcast is for a warmer day and most likely, a little short pants before the sun sets.

Hello Madeline (Big Sister) how is St. Vincent and moreso, Bequia. What’s up and hope you having an enjoyable day with family and friends. Hope you see Sharol-Rose and the grandkids. They were looking forward to seeing you. Anyway leave the sand there for us next year, because we want to pass Princess Margaret’s Beach and hike across the boardwalk to Frangipani Bar. Never know what can after arrival.

Please upload your pics onto the Gregg Facebook Page not to make us jealous but to prepareus for the onslaught.

All around the world let the Greggs have the best of the day and one day many of us will meet up is one place to show our strength.

Have a great day folks


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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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