How Do We Recognize These Comfort Zones?
There are many different types of Comfort Zones and, as I said earlier, most of the time we aren’t even aware that we’re in them. And you can’t solve a problem until you know exactly what that problem is.  So, how do you recognise your own particular Comfort Zones?
You already know about material Comfort Zones, and they’re fairly easy to identify. But let’s look at another simple example.
You may be trapped in a dead-end job, hating every moment, resenting your boss, your circumstances, your pay package. And yet you just carry on from one dreary or stressful day to the next. You win of dreaming the sweepstakes or hitting that huge jackpot, and walking into the boss’s office, telling him his fortune, and walking out into a new life – perhaps retiring to a desert island. (Don’t we all have these dreams some time or another?)
Problem is, your chances of winning the sweepstakes or hitting that big jackpot are about as remote as your Fairy Godmother appearing, or a Knight in Shining Armour arriving on a white steed to rescue you, or any of the other unrealistic fantasies we invent to make our realities tolerable.
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