St. Vincent Royal Land Grants


St. Vincent Royal Land Grants 1787 – 1891

Fort Charlotte

This page contains names of many individuals found in a portion of the Royal Land Grants for St. Vincent.

Researcher and author Cindy KILGORE gathered this data and has graciously allowed it to be shared here.

ALEXANDER, Charles-1794
ALEXANDER, William-1801 (Carib Lands)
AULD, John-1788
BROWN, Robert-1809
BROWN, Thomas-1810 – The signature after the deed was N. B. CROPPER
CAMPBELL, Duncan-17 June 1787, 06 Dec. 1787
COLLINS, William-1788
CUMMING, Alexander-1809
CROPPER, William C.- 1888 – Involved lands situated in St. Andrew’s Parish called Cropper’s Land or the Skomitage
CRUICKSHANK, Alexander-1809
FERGUSSON, Henry-1890 – (lands next to Owia Estate)
FERGUSSON, Henry-1891 – (land near Owia Estate)
FRASER, William-1791
FRENCH, James-1788
GLASGOW, Robert-1788
GLASGOW, Robert-1790
GLASGOW, Robert-1791
GOODWYN, Thomas-1788
GORDON, John-1810
GREIG, William-1790
GREIG, William-1791
HADLEY, Ephraim-1887 – Gives a portion of Peruvian Vale Estate for the building of a police station
HADLEY, Ephreim-1884 – Union Estate in St. Vincent is still in the family after six generations. The present owner [2000] has one of the largest exotic flower nurseries in the Caribbean. The HADLEY’s were from Bristol, England
HAFFEY, Peter-1792
HAZELL, John-1888 – Involved lands situated in St. Andrew’s Parish called Ottley Hall Mountain Land
HENVILL, Robert E.-1788
KEANE, Michael-06 December 1787 – (3 grants)
McKENZIE, ?-1809 – w/Patterson & Sutherland)
O’FLAHERTY, Patrick-1791
OLLIVIERRE, Joseph-1886 – (this is Joseph the Younger)
OTTLEY, Richard-1791
PATTERSON, Thomas-1809 – (w/McKenzie & Sutherland)
PAUL, Robert-1790
PORTER, David K.-1888
PORTER, David Kennedy-1888 – Involved lands situated in Charlotte Parish known as Tourama, Orange Hill, Waterloo and Lot 14 Estates
PORTER, David K.-1889 – Involved lands situated in St. Andrew’s Parish called Forsher’s Lands
PREST, John-1809
REYNOLDS, Edmund-1792
ROSS, Andrew-1801 – (Carib Lands)
SEATON, William-1790
SETON, James-1789
SHERIF, William-1809
SMITH, John-1809
ST. HILLAIRE, Henry-1887 – For lease of the land in island of Mayreau for 99 years. The wife of Henry ST. HILLAIRE might have been one of Josephine’s ladies-in-waiting
STRUTH, Sir William John-09 July 1833 – For the lease & mortgage of Fancy Estate
SUTHERLAND, ?-1809 – (w/Patterson & McKenzie)
SUTHERLAND, Robert-1809
SUTHERLAND, Robert-1810
TOBIN, John-1788
TRERANION, John-1788
WARNER, Charles John-1817 – Signed by John GRANT
WARNER, Thomas Hodge-1817 – Signed by Andrew ROSE
WATERS, Walter-1790
WHYTELL, Richard James-1791
WILLIAMS, McKenzie-1809
WYNNE, Robert-1790
YOUNG, George-1790

NOTE: There were no land grants between 1795 and 1801, likely due to the Second Carib War and its effects on the island. These records are only a portion of all of the Royal Land Grants for St. Vincent.

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