What are mirrors? Everyone and everything in life is a mirror back to you to see what is really going on within you. Many people struggle through life because they do not know how to use their mirrors. When you drive a car, you use your mirrors to navigate the way to your destination. Why not learn to use your mirrors to navigate through life?

Walking the spiritual path takes hard work. It is not just prayer and meditation. It is being conscious of who you are and what you are creating at all times in life.

We create through our thoughts, words, and actions. What are you creating? There are no accidents or coincidences in life. There are no victims in life, only co-creators of circumstances. Everything we experience is a result of something we have created through thoughts, words, and actions of the past. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Learn how to use your mirrors to see what is being reflected back to you. The only way to change your world is by changing you. As you change, your world becomes more beautiful and loving than you could have ever imagined. Life is a gift. Enjoy the ride!

Godfrey Gregg

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