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Can you believe we are in July already? And so time is passing us by at times without notice. Therefore, live every day as though it is your last, but with a smile knowing God is in the bigger picture.

America is in the swing for their Independence celebration, while St. Vincent and the Grenadines is celebrating 40 years of Carnival. The hot spots are already and over the next few days, there will be hundreds of visitors moving in for a piece of the “Vincie” culture, cuisine, and political propaganda.

In the meantime, the roads and drainage in the city need a facelift and don’t talk about “Little Tokyo” that needs a complete overhaul. May I say that the Police Headquarters in Kingstown is a sign of very low moral. The service men and women are living in very bad conditions close to homelessness. The Government needs to find the funds to the necessary repairs and make the Officers feel like people again.

The pictures speak for themselves:

“Little Tokyo”

Makeshift roof by vendors

Police Headquarters

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