I want to open this feed for anyone who wishes to make comments about Harold and how he influenced their lives. Many may have known him by Harold James or Harold Bess or simple Harold. However, you remember him I will like to hear from you. As you are aware he will be laid to … Continue reading FINAL RESTING PLACE


I came across this picture on Facebook and it is very disgusting given the situations of flooding and loss of lives a few years ago. We are a nation that depends on foreign money through tourism mainly, and this sight is not good to the eyes. We need to do better as a nation and consider the people that … Continue reading LITTERING A SERIOUS PROBLEM


Let me thank my brother Sylvester Gregg for the father he is. I think his children will do a better job in this area. Three children and a handful of grand children keep him busy after work. He takes on the Grand father thing with a smile and tries not to show favouritism in the … Continue reading BEST DAD


Sir Godfrey Gregg We talk about our moms as the center of the family. And in certain critical ways, they always will be. But as fathers we have just as important a role to play in the lives of our boys and girls that goes beyond carrying the family’s mantle of leadership. We must get … Continue reading DADS ARE THE REAL HEROES