The citizens of SVG need to appreciate and care what they have now. That will be an incentive for discussion about healthcare for everyone. This is the time to STOP complaining and give solutions. Encourage open forum on the many issues that have been plaguing the Healthcare sector for decades. There is a great need … Continue reading SVG HEALTHCARE


Basic Grooming. To present a neat and clean appearance (and to please the woman in your life) here are the hygiene basics every man should adhere to. You’d think this stuff would be common sense, but I’m constantly surprised by the number of men who seem clueless about the basics of cleanliness. Use a Q-tip … Continue reading CLEANLINESS (Part five)


Cleanliness in Practice Don’t Live Like a Slob. Our society, a vacuum of true manliness, pushes the idea that all men are slobs. Yet there is nothing inherently manly about slovenly living. Everyone, men, and women alike have a natural tendency to take the path of least resistance when it comes to cleanliness. Cleanliness takes … Continue reading CLEANLINESS (Part four)

CLEANLINESS (Part three)

Finding Balance in Cleanliness The key to the virtue of cleanliness, as with all the virtues, is moderation. Don’t be a clean freak. Don’t be a germ phobe. It is amazing how many new ways companies have come up with to enable us to kill germs. We can now spray the air to rid it of … Continue reading CLEANLINESS (Part three)


Why is Cleanliness a Virtue? Can such a changing, and sometimes advertiser driven concept really be a virtue? Yes. While the standard of cleanliness may vary from time period to time period, and from culture to culture, meeting the standard of your time and place is not without merit. Cleanliness makes your feel good. Regardless of whether … Continue reading CLEANLINESS (Part two)


The History of Cleanliness While the meaning of all the virtues has changed over time, the application of the virtue of cleanliness has perhaps fluctuated the most. We would probably be grossed out by your parent’s standard of cleanliness, and today’s standard would likely have disturbed them. Historically and up to the present day, ideas … Continue reading CLEANLINESS (Part one)


Couple caught in ‘financial spiral’ jump to their deaths By Shawn Cohen, Tamar Lapin and Natalie Musumeci July 28, 2017 A couple jumped to their death in Murray Hill early Friday.Seth Gottfried Manhattan parents struggling to pay their doctors’ bills jumped to their deaths early Friday — leaving double suicide notes pleading that their two kids be cared for, a … Continue reading HEALTHCARE PROBLEMS