THIS IS A RE-POST NEWSTART: GOD'S LAWS OF HEALTH Are you looking for a fresh NEW START in your health? God's 8 Laws of Health - which is the NEW START program of Nutrition * Exercise * Water * Sunshine * Temperance * Rest * Air * and Trust in God. These are God's Natural … Continue reading GOD’S LAWS OF HEALTH


Shocking And Sad Death Of Mother And Son Health Services Killing, Friend Charges The health services at the General Hospital has again been placed under a microscope following the unfortunate death of a woman and her newborn baby within hours of each other and her best friend who claims to have stood with her throughout … Continue reading GRENADA HEALTHCARE SERVICE


Happening in Barbados now and take a look at the condition of the roads. Those are not just potholes but swimming pools. Where are the Health authorities? https://www.facebook.com/BarbadosLabourParty/videos/1175019912641389/ For over a year there have been recurring sewage overflows on our South Coast. BLP Christ Church candidates Dr. William Duguid, Senator Wilfred Abrahams and Mr. Ralph Thorne … Continue reading BARBADOS SEWAGE OVERFLOWS IN THE ROADS


20 PEOPLE CHARGED IN $146 MILLION INSURANCE SCAM IN BROOKLYN By Lindsay Tuchman  |  December 6, 2017, @12:26 AM 20 people, including an NYPD surgeon, are charged with allegedly scamming Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurers out of nearly $150 million and using the cash to pay for extravagant homes, vacations, and jewelry. And prosecutors say it all … Continue reading INSURANCE FRAUD


Two doctors fired after ‘dead’ newborn starts breathing on way to cremation NEW DELHI – An Indian hospital has fired two doctors fired for mistakenly declaring a newborn baby boy dead. The baby was born at the Max Super Speciality Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, last Thursday but pronounced dead two hours later, the boy’s … Continue reading MIRACLE OR NEGLECT


WHY CLOSING HOSPITALS AND CUTTING STAFF WON’T SAVE NYC’S PUBLIC HOSPITAL SYSTEM Stanley Brezenoff, the interim president and CEO of New York City Health + Hospitals. (Ali Garber) The devastating Medicaid and Medicare cuts that could be imposed as a result of the Trump-Republican tax plan might mean the end of New York City’s public … Continue reading HOSPITAL CLOSURES


One Million Pounds Of Rat Meat Sold As Boneless Chicken Wings In U.S (VIDEO) (FDA) US Food and Drug Administration is now very concerned that an estimated a million pounds of rat meat, which is passed off as “boneless chicken wings”, was sold in restaurants and stores across America.As mentioned in the reports of the … Continue reading CHICKEN VS RAT MEAT


A photo showing apparent elderly abuse is now going viral on Social Media. According to information received, the picture shows a nurse at a Geriatric Home in St. James standing on an elderly man. This is a picture from 2015, but it is fresh in my mind anytime I see it. I have a message … Continue reading ELDER ABUSE


St Vincent and The Grenadines: Society Society Population density (per sq. km): 280 Life expectancy: 72 years Primary enrolment: 95% (2012) Population: 109,000 (2013); 50 percent of people live in urban areas; growth 0.1 percent p.a. 1990–2013, depressed over this period by emigration; birth rate 16 per 1,000 people (40 in 1970); life expectancy 72 … Continue reading SVG SOCIETY