Ok, the Supreme Court was ready to hear the petitions and an attorney pulled out the “joker” card and the argument began as to the timing of the hearing. There were the legal suggestions and arguments of law for a postponement for a week to be fully briefed on the details of the case. My question who will pay for the delay? However, the judge was having none of the nonsense and waste of her time adjourned the hearing to sometime in September when the new Law term begins. Let’s hope that hearing will proceed without any further delay.

If the ruling is infavour of the petitioners there might be an appeal or the Government may just dissolve the Parliament and call fresh elections. This is my taking on the matter. On the other hand, the ruling dismissed or denied the petitioners application, the Government will continue in office pending an appeal. I am not too sure about an appeal at this stage. I will have to read the “Representation of the People Act” to see the next step or ask wise counsel for the next move.

However, the pendulum swings St. Vincent and the Grenadines will remain politically divided. My affiliation will remain sealed in an envelope and hopefully will be able to cast my vote in the next election.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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