Thanking God for another day and for the family is alive and well. It is truly amazing how the little ones catch up so fast like Shamie who I haven’t seen in the flesh or hold. However, whenever she sees her Grandpa on the chat she gets so excited. What is so interesting is hearing her say, Grandpa. Like she wants to ask for something. Indeed her birthday in a few days and she will be 1 year old. Yes, they grow up fast so she is running around the house and is demonstrating that she is the boss of the home.

To all the loved ones in the family, hey Syl and Roslyn the great Grandparents you are and there is nothing short of what you can do. Your future is secure with them. I know you are very proud, and to Madeline of the other side look how the grandkids have grown and you looking for great grand soon.

Hey Wendy what’s up and you are not left out for a minute, I am hoping that one day we will meet to share the laughter of mother and grand mother. This is one memory that will not fade. To our two surviving Aunts in Canouan living like twins and are inseparable, your memories are preserved in your children and the grand and great grandkids. Racquel and those boys are enjoying life to the fullest with a great father.

Noel, Henry, Ingrid, Myrtle, Zetilla, Diant, Jeromine, Yvette, Edward and his whole family (too much to mention) Kenny, Bjorn, Warren and the others whose names will take several pages when I write next. Sharol-Rose I have not forgotten you. Uncle Felton and Jamesly, Franklyn and Alna ah tell you this family is growing day after day. All the Greggs in St. Lucia and the Bynoes in Canouan and Barbados your memories and etched in the hearts of many and engraved in stones noticeable by the world. The history is rich and great and there is none other like it.

Wishing all a great and successful day. God bless

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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5 years ago

Great piece bro. God bless.

5 years ago

Thank you bro, great piece