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It was a nail biting day when her mom was in the hospital waiting for delivery. Being hundred of miles away, and my only child I was waiting to hear the good news or that she was OK. After hours of waiting for the phone beep and the good news revealed the “all clear”. Then the pictures began to come in and Grandpa was elated and excited. The little one eventually arrives with a great smile. Next, was who she looks like and what are the signs to attach to the family trait. 

Soon she was home and the task to raise her began. This time Grandpa was preparing to send her some goodies. It didn’t take to long for her to hit the floor and fight with her brother who loves and adores her. I will show you some pictures as she grows to this age of one year.

(With her Dad and Mom)

(With her mom and Aunty, Madeline visiting from Canada).


(With her brother who loves and protects her)

The above pictures show the different stages of her life of one year. You will see in this picture she was calling Grandpa “Hey Grandpa it’s my birthday and I am one year old”. 

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5 years ago

Congrats to the little one on her Birthday. God’s grace, blessings and favor on her life. Continue to inspire ur kids Granpa …