The uncertainty of life comes and goes and so with pregnancy to the point of giving birth. Man will never understand what it is even to seeing the natural birth in progress. I saw one and was amazed, but the real father lost consciousness and fell on the floor while he was videotaping the activity.

To hold a child after birth is a very sacred thing because you are holding life that you are a part of from the beginning of time. So what do we see here a little angel breathing the same air adults breath daily? However when parents witness their grand children’s birth and to hold them for the first time brings with it a different joy.

I many times look on the faces of Roslyn and Sylvester when they are in the presence of their grand children, especially when all five (5) are together. Their concentration is only on those kids for whatever reasons that they alone know. I look at them and in my heart saying you think it is only you. Though I don’t have mine with me, my heart is with them over 1300 miles away. To see them on camera brings a joy and pray that my life is spared to be with them for the remaining years of my life.

This was made possible because of the love our parents gave us and watch how they protect our little ones growing up. There is no difference with my other siblings. Madeline, Yvette, Edward, Leslie, and Alwyn. I saw my mother how she embraced their children and seemed like there were no spaces. They looked equal to me and though they stepped out of line they were treated with kindness and love.

Today from my brothers and sisters I see the same traits towards their children. The seed was planted very well and though we have our differences there is nothing that comes between us to cause a division. Even if, that happens it won’t be for long because the name DELDIE changes everything.

We are proud of a real woman, mother, grandmother, great grand mother and great, great grandmother. You lived a life that is written in many books and we never know how much you’ve impacted the lives of those that came in contact with you. The kind words spoken to this day has overshadowed all the evils ever mentioned. You have found a place in heaven with God your Father and someday we all will be a family again.

Your son,

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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