For those who follow the Royals and the news Prince Phillip will be stepping back from active duties but knowing him the work continues in the background.

Queen Elizabeth 11 at ninety-one (91) has scaled back from public duties and has placed Prince William more in the spot light with his wife at his side. William at thirty-five (35) has shown maturity and readiness to rule in a minute’s notice of the Queen’s passing (London Bridge has fallen).

I am predicting that the Queen has already placed in order the necessary papers and have had her approval for a safe handing over of the Throne to Prince William to be the next King of England and the British Commonwealth with Kate his wife as the Queen. Something Camilla has fought for even in the death the world’s Princess Diana. August will mark the twentieth anniversary of her tragic death in a Paris Tunnel.

Should the Queen be alive next year the Cronotation date is already set and engraves in marble for her to witness the crowning of Prince William as King of England? The world will come to a stand still whenever that day comes and all eyes will be on London. Hopefully, they would complete the repairs to the roof of Buckingham Palace so the new King can concentrate on new matters and how he will rule.Image result for buckingham palace

As you are aware that the Monarch is the head of the Anglican Church and they do not believe in divorce so that will put Charles out the picture and the end of an era for Camilla. She always wanted to be Queek and will break anything to get there regardless of the hurt and pain involved. You know her origin and I believe that she is doing some damage behind those walls to be queen. Guess might be doing some plastic surgeries to rid her of the wrinkles for appearance. Well, I hope my predictions are right and the Prince of Wales (Charles) take it only with a pinch of salt. After all, William is his son and he should be happy.

That’s my take for now.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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5 years ago

Very Informative. Thank U Sir..