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Here are some legitimate ways a man can truly find himself:

1) Commit to a Relationship: I don’t care if it’s a puppy or a plant (but better if it’s a human), being in a relationship where someone depends on you requires you to sacrifice and make time – both things that will help you to prioritize your life and learn respect for others.

2) Get a Job and Keep it: If you’re over 22 and daddy is still paying your rent and bills, something is wrong. Get a job and make your own way. And don’t quit if it gets hard. Stick it out and be respectful to your boss and coworkers. I’ve learned a ton about myself by how I handle tense moments at work, not during a sweet 8 on 8 halo battle with my buddies. My sick Halo skills haven’t been responsible for any increase in my salary…yet.

3) Do Service for Someone that Really Needs it: Giving of yourself and your time is always nice, but to do it for someone that really needs it makes you feel all nice inside. And try this – see how long you can go without telling anyone about it. I was watching a show the other night where this millionaire kept bragging about how many poor families he fed last year. He didn’t even try to be discrete about it. Made me question his motives. If you keep it quiet then it’s true for you and the other person. No one else needs to know.

4) Get Married: I truly believe that personal progression plateaus at a certain point. You can only do so much on your own. When you feel reasonably comfortable with yourself – it’s time to get married. No matter how awesome you thought you were when you were single, if approached properly, marriage will make you a better man. Nothing in this world would make you grow more than, to be honest, and complete commitment you make, and continue to make, to your wife.

5) Start a Family: If you thought marriage was a test – kids will blow your mind. Not only will you learn patience, understanding, and how to handle complete frustration when dealing with your children, you will never be more aware of the virtues and flaws than when you see yourself in their little actions. You will become keenly aware of your own personality as you see them reflect the behaviour that they were either born with or has learned because of you. Talk about finding yourself – there’s a little version of you running around the house.

I haven’t forgotten the challenges I faced with my daughter growing up. Today, she can see some of her behaviour in the children. There is where the father has to analyze who he is by looking at the traits in the children. Not the time to punish, but to love and engage in discussion and make those children smile.

Parents reading this article would learn and start look to see the fulfillment.

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