Good morning Gregg Family,
Thank God for another day to be alive and for those that have left us I pray they are at peace with their God.
The weekend was very successful and I trust that the new week will be of great importance to all.
Last week we share in the celebration of those who celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. Which brought much joy and laughter to many. Unfortunately, I had to work and I had the opposite of what most of you enjoyed. However, I believe in “Give us this day our daily bread”.
I spent a little time chatting with my grandkids and it seems like years untouched looking at little Shammie smiles and hear the sweet and tender voice saying “Grandpa”. You know she is looking to give me a run for my money. Hahahaha
Whenever I hold her I will not want to let her go till I am satisfied and make up for all the lost days and moment.
Many have shared the same pride and joy with their little ones and I can only talk of those I witnessed and no Gregg or Bynoe is left out in this joy they share with the little ones that keep them on their toes, like Natasha and KiKi. Sylvester and the handful. Do you know how much joy he shares leaving work to pick them up at day care? I don’t like to visit his house when he has the kids in the evening. Though they give Roslyn the test of the time she will destroy you in a split second should you cross path with them.
This is the bond and connection I am talking about, like Madeline who will jump Niagra falls for her grand kids. Nothing is going to interfere with her “together time”. If I hit closer to Bequia, Edward long for the day to get home to have all the little ones visit and even the adult children that adore and love him to the max. Edward and his wife Cornetta shares a great bond with the children and their parents are their worlds.
A few miles east of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Wendy, Valencia and Ronald and the crew are a great bond and that is what the Gregg experience is all about. This is one BIG happy family and when that day comes for the gathering of the whole, eyes will roll to see the extent of the surroundings.
Sharol-Rose has a great husband and a father to their children. They give so much to them and are doing a great job in raising them to be the gentleman and lady for the future.
Thank God for parents that raised us to be what we are today. Honestly, my mother (Deldie) will always be the joy of my heart. I am who I am today because of the way she taught us. (May her soul rest in perfect peace).
Sir Godfrey Gregg
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