This is my piece in support of the bloodline of a BYNOE. Wendy has been serving the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union for a long time and has worked her way to the place where she needs your support to become the next President.

A hard working Lady, with skills and drive to motivate, inspire, encourage and a great master builder. She is devoted to her family and to the cause. She believes the fight for one is the fight for all and with her dedication, the SVGTU will be well represented by Wendy Bynoe.

Be encouraged that the Bynoe family reading this message together with the Greggs and all the supporters of this website along with the Facebook page and groups The Original Greggs 784, The Gregg Connection, The Bynoe connection and the Bynoe Brunch are standing with you.

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Permit me to quote the President of the Public Service Union Elroy Dorian Boucher. “At this time when we are faced with the difficult task of addressing and negotiating the all-important issue of Pension Reform, there is none better to have stood up for the protection of the pension of our hard-working teachers than Wendy Bynoe. This battle (pension reform) in particular will require fortitude and courage and I can assure you that Wendy Bynoe is the indomitable leader we need at this time.”

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