President of the PSU, Brother Elroy Dorian Boucher states “I have known Wendy Bynoe to be fiercely courageous, hugely determined and deeply committed to the cause of defending all teachers. She has demonstrated that she is prepared to speak out against unfairness and injustice generally. The underprivileged and the working class benefit immensely from Wendy’s dedication and commitment.

The trade union movement yearns for more like Wendy Bynoe. I have no doubt that, at this particular time in our existence, as trade unions, when we are faced with difficult challenges, Wendy Bynoe’s brave and committed leadership is what is needed.

At this time when we are faced with the difficult task of addressing and negotiating the all-important issue of Pension Reform, there is none better to have stood up for the protection of the pension of our hard-working teachers than Wendy Bynoe. This battle (pension reform) in particular will require fortitude and courage and I can assure you that Wendy Bynoe is the indomitable leader we need at this time.” #UpwardsweGowithWendyBynoe


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