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I love to give thanks knowing I am awake and well. Good morning family in New York and abroad especially from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Special good morning to Lemar and “Shammie”.

God has kept us safe through the night and the hustle and bustle for our daily living continue. So take courage that you have strength and health to find your daily bread. Keep your roof over your head and food on your table while having your family close to your side.

All the Bynoes, and to those in Guyana we have to try a link up to track the connection.  We have to take this slowly and find the root.

Anyone remembers “LoLo”, Zetilla should haven’t seen her in years.

Sometimes I just lay back in the couch and sail back in time and smile with the nice times some 50 years ago.

Going up to Ma Peggy Hill to “cut wood” with Selwyn, Leslie, and Edward. Those were some good days. Syl and Madeline will remember down in Leon’s Valley when cutting we had to listen for steps and anytime the shot gun can go off.  We had a sweet upbringing. After the cutting of the wood, our bigger brothers left and we had to struggle to get them to the top of the hill and then down to final destination (home).

Despite the struggle, we had to maintain respect and character with the heavy weight on the head. Discipline was the first letter in my mother alphabet and we had to live by those principles outline. Behaviour was another and respect follows.

Knowing where your struggles brought you from has helped to mold me into the person I am today. My mother played the leading role as our father provide food and shelter. It was not an easy task growing up in Bequia. We survived and live to tell the story.




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