You see the family that prays together, stays together. What more can you ask of God in these days when raising children?

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The opportunity arises once in a life time and this time a great milestone to the Empress and a Monarch of the Gregg and Compton families. I speak of no other person than Zetilla Compton. Since I knew you from those early days you adorned the family with grace and still remains the very quiet one in the family.

I can only echo the words of your children and grandchildren that there isn’t any one to replace you. Continue to be a tower of strength to your children and with long life to all whose lives you have touched. May this day and every other remaining day of your life here be of and in service of the Lord.

I pray for you, your husband, family, and siblings that God will always bless you and cover your household. You have raised and train up your children in the fear of God and like Ruth you are staying with the promised word.

My family, the Gregg connect, the Original Gregg784 and www.gregg784.com wish you a very happy birthday and God bless you.

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