Homeless Dominicans invited to T&T

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has announced special arrangements to waive immigration restrictions so Dominicans left homeless by Hurricane Maria can to come to Trinidad and Tobago and stay for a period of time.

Speaking during the post-Cabinet media briefing in Port of Spain on Thursday, Rowley said Government is allowing desperate Dominicans to enter the country, given the widespread destruction on the islands, where 100 percent of the homes were either damaged or destroyed.

Rowley said the citizens of Dominica can come and stay up to six months then “return to their homes and if they want an extension, they have to apply for the process”.

Rowley said he didn’t expect “the whole of Dominica” to come, but one or two thousand people.

He said that Trinidad and Tobago cannot assist the hurricane-ravaged islands financially and made an appeal for Dominicans living in Trinidad and Tobago to reach out to the Government and state whether they can accommodate their relatives.

He said: “for those who can accommodate them, arrangements will be made…Trinidad and Tobago will open its doors, homes, pots and I dare say our schools.”

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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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