Yesterday the Matriarch of Deldie clan turned 67 and looking young. She had it low keyed with a few friends and the family. Joslyn her close friend and confidante was there for the occasion. Those two are inseparable and there is nothing going to stop that, but death.

You see a good friend is hard to find, but a genuine friend is born. Think on these words.

To you, my big sister and sorry I didn’t know the one before you, but you double up real good to cover for her as though she were still alive. Everyone love and respect you, and the extended family. Some that sent you greetings and wished you the best I don’t know the names and I will have lots of catching up to do when I return home. I know exactly where the DNA came from and I think it is a DOUBLE.

Your love and caring for other come from both sides. So when we sit down again (please the Lord) we will do a recording to share with the others or the young generation. I think the younger generation needs some lessons of early “upbringing”. We can take a few more with you to be the panel of teachers like Zetilla Compton, Raquel DaSantos, and Ermine. I cannot leave out Verline Ollivierre, Alna Gregg, and Sybil Ollivierre-Bynoe. Just a few but there are much more I can mention.

The apples don’t fall far from the tree and so I rest my case.

Hoping everyone has a blessed day and stay strong Y’all.

Sir Godfrey Gregg


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