Good morning family, wherever you are this is the month of December and the last in the year 2017. This is the time when all the socks are on the wall and Santa is expected to come down the chimney. I believed that story growing up until I actually saw what they were talking about. There might be a Santa, but there is no way he gets down your chimney with a bag of presents or gifts.

  1. It is the winter season and cold
  2. There is fire in the furnace to warm the house
  3. The passage is very narrow
  4. Santa will be stuck making his entrance
  5. If he were to enter the house he will drop in the furnace with fire and may cause an explosion

I rest my case and children must be taught the truth. No wonder they are out of control because they do not know any better than those who pushed the cattle up the ladder. If we speak the truth the first time there won’t be anything to defend later. Your conscience will be free.

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