Baliceaux is a privately owned island by a Vincentian family and is one of the Grenadines islands which lie between the Caribbean islands of Saint Vincent and Grenada. Politically, it is part of the nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This island was the site where the English army banished about 5000 Black Caribs following the defeat of Carib Chief Joseph Chatoyer in the 1790s. Half of them died in this concentration camp. The others were deported to the island of Roatán, Honduras. Their descendants live today as the Garifuna people in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and in the USA. As a mark of respect, Baliceaux is visited yearly by Caribs and Government officials to remember.

The island had a small area where the Black Caribs that died from disease were buried that has since been eroded away by wind and sea. Very little remains of the area where the people were buried.

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