The yachts are sailing into Bequia Admiralty Bay for the Easter Regatta. Yachts are coming from all over the world for this annual event. Bequia one of the Grenadines Island sets the pace for Tourism development and infrastructure if the Government has the vision to tap into this particular area.

There are a few things that can benefit the industry in Bequia and the Government need to partner with agencies and developers to move the tourism industry to a higher level.

  1. To identify an area for a marina
  2. The installing of water pumps in the areas where there are tourist development and in the heart of the capital of Port Elizabeth
  3. Upgrade the J F Mitchell Airport for night landing and the firefighting equipment
  4. The acquisition of Petti Nevis and Isle de Quart for tourist development (Creation of over 5,000) initially and 2,000 direct jobs on completion with another 500 indirectly)
  5. The government should acquire cold storage boats to take the fishermen’ catch at sea, or partner with companies as joint-venture
  6. Tap into the development of water catchment or desalination which will benefit the lives of the people of Bequia and the tourist industry
  7. Increase the police manpower during the festival and water patrol in the harbour to reduce crimes against the visitors
  8. Police mobile patrol in around the tourist industry to give the investors and guests a sense of extra security
  9. The maintenance of the main road from Paget Farm to Port Elizabeth

These are my opinions and suggestions and should be taken seriously if revenue must be increased.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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