Have you ever heard the saying look at his “little toe”? He can’t hide, that is a real Bynoe. I grew up hearing that for the greater part of my life living in Bequia and it stills resonates with me today. Emma Bynoe, my grandmother and my father “Donnie” Bynoe mother looked alike and had very similar “little toe”. Then you look at Auntie Lynn, Emma sister had like “little toe”.

Then, you go down “Broad Road” in the “gutter” and you would see uncle Moses and “Fishing” having similar “little toe”. Yes, it was a mark as for them in those days. Today, they called it DNA. How those older folks got it right without any scientific knowledge, but mere “common sense”. Look at Auntie Eunice and uncle Richard and do not forget uncle Frank with similar “little toe”.

Did I forget Auntie Jeanette and Nina the legends that are competing to reach one hundred years? Their “little toe” is remarkable to the eyes and so are all the children of the Emma Bynoe Clan. The modern DNA is found in the “little toe”. My sister Yvette will always talk about the “little toe” when a child is born and she never got it wrong. The majority of Bynoes have small, slim frame. I think Mama Emma was around one hundred and thirty pounds (130), and that trend continues today.

If you never thought of the “little toe” before, I urge you to look down and tell me what you see.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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