THE NAME GREGG and what characteristics are associated with it.

This article is not male oriented but is female associated. Each one has their own traits. The article is written in the masculine, so don’t take it seriously.

Gregg is a virile, dynamic and resourceful man, who possesses a certain charm of which he is entirely conscious… Rather materialistic and self-serving, he doesn’t hesitate to seize the opportunities that life presents him with. He often makes an excellent financier who feels at home in the world of business and he can be extremely persuasive: when he wants something he is capable of great determination and perseverance. He tends to have a lot of excess energy and requires plenty of physical exercises, otherwise, he could become aggressive… or even overweight! Because he is a little vain, Gregg is a sucker for flattery, and although he is quick-witted and possesses a critical mind, he doesn’t always have a great sense of humor – especially if the joke’s on him, in which case he can be very touchy indeed! He is particularly curious and could take an interest in various topics, however, he doesn’t always get to the bottom of things, possibly due to his sometimes shallow nature, or because he tends to choose the path of least resistance. He is confident and even self-satisfied at times, which usually allows him to succeed with relatively little effort. No matter if he doesn’t complete his studies due to lack of motivation: he is one of those people who always manages to come out on top! He likes to think that he is of sound character and principles; however, this is often wishful thinking, because he doesn’t always practice what he preaches… He is very clever where practical matters are concerned, possesses an above average manual dexterity and he would make a brilliant handyman. As a child, Gregg is very endearing, although he can be quite possessive. He tends to hoard things, as his possessions bring him a certain amount of comfort; the same goes for his pocket money, which he tends to squirrel away jealously. He is rather bright, and could be a brilliant student with the right support, supervision, and most importantly – motivation; however, his impatience and instability could sometimes get the better of him. He enjoys fooling around and having a good time, not necessarily always taking life seriously. It would be highly beneficial for him to learn at least one other foreign language, and with his highly adaptable nature, he is bound to enjoy an overseas work experience.


What does he like?
Gregg is a man who is extremely partial to life’s pleasures and is an Epicurean at heart. Enthusiastic, he needs to feel a sense of freedom in all areas of his life because he can’t tolerate restriction. What he loves is action, movement, thrills and adventure, and especially enjoys the fresh sensations and emotions of travelling. An enemy of monotony, he isn’t cut out for an “ordinary” life routine. In love, he is a possessive and jealous lover who can be very seductive when he wants to be. His sexuality is strong and although he lacks subtlety, he is highly intuitive. However, he isn’t necessarily the faithful type, because his freedom is very dear to him.

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