May 2, a day to remember your History

Today we remember the day when the Soviet Red Army overtook Berlin, Nazi Germany’s political base, and capital and one of Reich’s most important industrial-military bases. Despite what Hollywood’s cinematographic and cultural industry wants to make us believe, it was the Soviet people and army which became one of the most important pieces in the war against the Nazis. Today we celebrate the Red Army taking the Reichstag and liberating Berlin from Nazism

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Jack Radey You should be aware that this picture was… altered. When the picture was developed and the shot rushed to the editor, he took one look at it and burst out, “That is not a Soviet officer, that is a hooligan!” If you look at the lower right of the picture, you can see an officer holding on to the leg of the man climbing up to plant the flag. You can see that the officer’s raised arm has caused his sleeve to drop, exposing his arm. In the original picture, three watches were visible on that arm.

The preferred loot for Soviet soldiers was watches – small, easy to carry, valuable, rare in the USSR, plentiful in Germany. The Germans had destroyed and looted much of the USSR west of Moscow, and now Soviet troops were in the much richer Germany. Many soldiers took the opportunity to pick up “souvenirs.” This practice was hardly limited to the Red Army, the US and British Armies did exactly the same thing.

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Imagine what that Hitler head must be worth today. 💲💲 You know who would buy it and the purpose

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Eric Ridge Billings Cyan, the first sightings of tankers in the wild..

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