I want to thank some inspiring women in the Gregg and Bynoe family. First, the oldest that I know and you will agree with me that Nina Bynoe living in Canouan and her sister Jeanette Bynoe following closely. They are my aunts who have survived their siblings. Those sisters have raised great children and I think they may be looking at their third generations of Bynoes. I cannot name names now but will in the future come up with a plan and your help.

I look to Zetilla Compton daughter of Elian Gregg, who with Beauton have been blessed with some beautiful children. Madeline Gregg-King, Roslyn Abraham-Gregg, Mava Gregg, Yoland Gregg, Sharol-Rose Gregg-Abbott, Myrtle James, Myrtle Bynoe, Yvette Bynoe, and the list can go on for pages. I will also mention Wendy Cumberbatch, Valencia Campbell, Maxine Gibson and Nola Bynoe.

Every day is a mother’s cry and a mother is always on duty. Regardless of the situation or the confrontation, a mother is present to defend and protect. So every day is Mothers Day.

I will not wait till after the fact to say you are awesome. You deserve better every day from your children. Flowers at a funeral will not mend a lost relationship, that is too late. Tell your mother you love her and prove it by caring for her daily. You have nothing to lose, but a multitude to gain.

As you look towards the weekend when you will have an opportunity to celebrate that designated day, do it with pride and joy. Let your impressions be a lasting one that will always be remembered.

Have a great day everyone.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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