The Gregg Connection, The Bynoe Connection and http://www.gregg784.com will like to thank Zetilla Compton for your support and to the cause. I have known you for years and the godly home under the watchful eyes of Elian and Darrel. You are just a continuation of the parents that raised you to be the woman you are today. Your husband continues to make you the best with Love, character, respect and a beautiful family to make you the most admirable MOTHER in Paget Farm, Bequia. May I add that your love for God has sustained you and with Him all things are possible.

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Mothers are always mothers; what job can lead that sort of deal? No, not a single job can replace it. If anyone present in this world who can handle the rise of children starting with the morning feed, giving naps to them, teaching the way to read, other life skills is the only mother. Mothers are the homemaker who led a noblest and greatest work that a woman can do.

When God made the first woman Zetilla was in His mind. 

When the woman was called Mother a Gregg was in mind.

That woman and MOTHER was ZETILLA



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