Mr Speaker: This Honourable House is called to Order

Mr Speaker, this is an overlapping question for the ministers of Tourism, Minister of Finance, Minister of Communications and the Minister of National Security.

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Mr Speaker, will the minister states why the approach lights to the JF Mitchell Airport were removed and night landing suspended? Was it because there were plans to build a facility in the waters for the purpose of the easy landing of other substances and to facilitate a certain investor? Who are benefiting from these love arrangements and will the parties involved make disclosure? We want to know why such a sell out of the remaining lands in Bequia?

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Mr Speaker, something is fishy in the waters that need an explanation. I want to know and the people I will represent in 2020 need an explanation.

Mr Speaker, will the Minister of Finance states the operating cost for the JF Mitchell Airport and the annual revenue collected and if the airport is operating in the red?

Will the minister states what are the plans for further sea-defence works at the nation’s airports including the Argyle International Airport?

Mr Speaker, I am asking these questions because the residents of the Northern Grenadines have a vested interest in the affairs of the country, and in most case, they feel excluded and treated as foreign citizens.

As I conclude Mr Speaker, I look forward to fair and honest answers. I have to report to the residents I will be representing on or before the year 2020.

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