Glen Beache, the CEO at the helm of the state agency responsible for marketing St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) as a tourism destination thinks that those who do not like the nation’s international airport should travel by sea.

If your statement was politically motivated and you are opposed to the people of Bequia and more the Grenadines, I have good news for you. The Grenadines people are accustomed to the seas, low or high. We are accustomed to the boat so it is nothing new and we do not need your advice. Your remarks were distasteful and you should not be at the head of SVG Marketing Strategy Board.

What Mr Beache fails to understand is that the Government is the peoples’ employees and they must be accountable to the country for their actions. Unfortunately, we only have that opportunity once every five years.

Don’t get me started.

Do you know we never had a serious mishap at sea with the ferry service over fifty years? I say 50 staying in my age group. Non that I can recall and I am not seeing any in the near future. The ferry service is owned by residents of the Grenadines and therefore not accountable to the Government for any finances and how they spend their returns.

Image result for Bequia ferryLet me tell Mr Beache that every empty seat that flies into AIA will be paid for by the Government and that money comes from the people that pay their taxes including the Grenadines. You should apologize for your insensitive statement and like any other reasonable person resign and save the name of SVG’ I will meet you in the House Of Public Opinion next week and I hope you will answer the questions. The Grenadines people never complained but gentle awaits their time for “he who laughs last laughs the best”.

Mr Beach when last have you engaged in a meaningful discussion with the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and sought their inputs in this multi-million marketing strategy? Have you sought to meet the stakeholders in the Grenadines to get a feeling as to how improvements can be made? I leave this here and I will see you next week right here.


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