Sir Godfrey Gregg


“Pappy”, I thank you for everything I am today. If I know what it is to be an independent man of character and personality, it is because you have made me so.

Only I know how difficult this life is without you, without having my safe harbour, with nowhere to run when I feel afraid at night, without having your lap warm to lie down and cry when my chest is tight, full of sadness.

But what if this sadness is all about you? I do not blame God for taking you, if that happened it was because you were deserving of your rest and peace.

Rest of a life full of worries and hard work. Yes, because that’s what I’ve seen my whole life. You worked, and yet you were worried that you were having the life you wanted. You always gave me everything better and that is loving me.

You have been and always will be the best father in the world. I wish I had said that by looking into your eyes, but I never had the guts. I know you must be watching me type this message, so I’ll say: I Love You!

I was there when you took your last breath and I couldn’t cry knowing you were absent from your body and present with the Lord. However, I couldn’t hold tears when you were about to leave the church for your final resting place knowing you were not coming back home.

You lived a very simple life and treated us as equals while working to provide for your family. Your life lives on in us your surviving children and there is not a day passes by we do not remind ourselves the man and father you were to us. We missed you and one day we will unite in glory where we will be a family again forever with the Lord.

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