After a successful carnival season, Kingstown City returned to normalcy. The clean up was swift, but the attitudes of people returned with a bang. There were record-breaking arrivals and long stay visitors through the air and seaports. Revenu went up and this year crimes were at the lowest.

Congratulations to law enforcement for a job well done. You made St. Vincent and the Grenadines proud and I hope that you will continue to unite in reducing crimes in the country. I know you can do it and everyone must do their part. However, the headquarters in the centre of the City needs some upgrade and repairs to help boost the morale of the officers. In spite of the bad living conditions, you continue to do what you were sworn to and that is to protect and serve every citizen of the state.

SVG has to work now to increase the hotel rooms to attract arrivals from other major carriers. Visitors will love to have a complete package (air, room, car), something we call “all inclusive” It is my understanding that Buccament will be back on stream for the winter season and Blacksands will have rooms available for the beginning of the season also. Not sure about Friendship Bay in Bequia, but everything looks good and moving in the right direction.

The next thing is the education about the product we are offering. The responsible Ministries and agencies have to do more locally that just distributing a brochure that ends up in the garbage. Start with the schools and the word will get around faster.

May everyone and my family have a very blessed day.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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