Sir Godfrey Gregg

To all the family that is celebrating today, maybe a birthday, anniversary or just remembering the passing of loved ones I want to remind you that I am praying that God will prosper your ways and brighten your paths. May He comfort those that are mourning their loss and today we pray for the family and friends of Mrs Luenda Gregg that will be laid to rest in Canouan.

It is a wonderful day that the Lord has given us and we will make the best of the time left in His service.

Those that are working and have to travel by car or bus and especially the minivans that drive recklessly on the narrow streets of St. Vincent I ask that you keep the faith and ask God to cover you under His blood. Those that are travelling by boat and air that Jesus will take the wheel and land you safely to your destinations.

I want to remember those that are on the seas toiling for a daily living to take care of their families that God will protect them and guide you while keeping you in the palms of His hands. You may not be sweating, but you are toiling for a daily living.

Have a great day and God bless you richly.

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