Sir Godfrey Gregg

Crimes in the homeland of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is nothing new and was expected. There are quite a few factors that have triggered the wave of serious crimes not only in SVG but the wider Caribbean. However, our focus should be on the homeland, but it will take everyone to be a part of the process. I believe the authorities are too silent on the situation.

Changing the guards is not the answer, nor is keeping quiet going to solve anything. We are in crisis mode now and someone has to be held responsible for the mishandling of the state of affairs currently in the country.

The country needs to hear from the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, the Hon. Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police. The recent statement made by the top Cop only addressed two killings in which one was a spiritual baptist cleric. I believe that was the reason for his statement. What the citizens need to hear is how you are going to tackle this out of control behaviour. Why is there a spiral in serious crimes? What resources are available at your disposal to fight crimes? Those are some of the questions we need to have answered.

These are some of the areas I believe are responsible for the upsurge in crimes:

  • I believe that recent deportees from foreign countries are playing a part in the increase crimes,
  • Increase drugs within our borders
  • Unchecked boats and yachts entering the state in the night and leaving early in the mornings
  • Lack of Coast Guard patrols
  • Illegal guns on the streets
  • Living “BIG” while under-employed
  • Lack of Parental Guidance
  • Larger economy, infrastructure, development can create some social problems
  • Influence from the Western world through a cable network
  • Social media and the Internet
  • Political influence

These are my opinions and before anyone dismisses them should give serious thoughts. This is in no way laying blame on anyone directly, but someone should be held accountable for the declining state of affairs. What we need is LEADERSHIP and not SILENCE.

I will give my solutions in another article and I will not be suggesting elections, resignations or a change of government. Some may not agree with my ideas, but because a child is born with a disability should the mother change the father?

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