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Another year and another day in the land of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Thank you, Father, for sparing our lives and to be in the land of the living to say Thank-You for all that you have done for us and bringing us thus far.

One thing we will note is that you have blessed us over the last year and though we have our infightings You have never left us wondering who You are. However, Father,  the murder rate is rising rapidly and it is out of control. It is now involving our youths and children at all levels of crimes. I am asking you to pardon us and speak to our hearts and grant us mercy that we may turn to You the Author of our faith and works.

Bless out Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and all members of Parliament, our Governor General, Judiciary, Armed Forces, Teachers, Churches, the Institution of Medicine, our children and teach us to know that our times are in your hands. Help us to walk in the fear of the Lord and so we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Thank you for another year and I ask that you will cover us under the protection of Your Blood and the Holy Spirit.


Sir Godfrey Gregg

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