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St. Vincent and the Grenadines has come a very long way. From adult suffrage to economic prosperity.

I am very privileged to be alive for all those years and be pleased with the progress. From Joshua, Cato, Mitchell, Eustace and Ralph Gonsalves. From the right to the centre and the left, I saw it all and the fight and struggle continue.

We celebrate another birthday of Independence from Great Britain and we are kinda battling the storm on our own.

Let me thank all our leaders who sat on the seat of government working to make this country a better place. We can do better but I think with the limited resources we have come a mighty long way.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines needs everyone to get on board rather than fighting amongst ourselves. It is time for the healing of the Nation and seeking answers from God for the next generation.

So I want to wish everyone a


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